Friday, November 15, 2013

Expatriation~~The Concept Pisses Me Off

"The Wall Street Journal reports that 2013 has already set a new record for "expatriation's," defined as citizens renouncing their citizenship or permanent residents giving back their green cards. The Journal quotes tax lawyer Andrew Mitchel, who found that there have been 2,369 expatriation's as of the end of the third quarter; that's an increase of 33 percent over all of 2011, the previous record-holder."
I am sure there are a thousands reasons for leaving The United States for another country of residence. Disillusion with the government or family strife come to mind. This country was started by expatriates looking for a better life.

But I take extreme umbrage with leaving the country that gave you success to avoid paying taxes on that success. I am a fiscal conservative and believe in low taxes and controlled government spending but I would never leave this country to achieve my political view.

These expatriates are not the everyday man or woman on the street. Rather they are people who have used this country to achieve financial successes and accumulate wealth.

Many of these people are the same ones that cheer on government spending through entitlement programs knowing that increased taxes will be necessary to pay for this spending. They use the weight of their celebrity or wealth to push the idea that government is the answer to everything and personal responsibility is not necessary.

Then after they do their damage, while knowing that they will not live under the same rules as the common men and women, they scram out of town to some tax haven leaving the rest of us to pay the bills that they supported.


Maybe a 50% tax on all assets that they try to take out of the country will set them straight.

Damn I was in such a good mood all week. Fucking Expatriates!!!


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