Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adventures In Real Life

My Second Life girl friend and I, CeeCee Caledonia, ventured out into real life together this past weekend. I guess girl friend is not an accurate term as at out age we have reached woman and man status so 'woman friend' is more appropriate but sounds so stuffy, lol.

In real life we live five hours from each other so we found a place half way , Petersburg, Virginia, to meet. It's a place with lots to see and we knew that a first meeting had to have activities that we could do while we figured out if real life was a possibility.

I must admit it was a bit scary. At least at first. We quickly found that we were essentially the same people in real life that we were in second life so being comfortable with each other came quickly. Even so there is still worry about whether you will actually like someone's physical form. Pictures do not always do a person justice and to many people, in second life, are hung up on the beauty we give ourselves as avatars.

Smiles, we liked each other even though I am no Zoilo. But Cee actually looks like she does in second life(she made me say that) so I was excited, lol.

People risk a lot when they take their second lives into real life. Cee and I have a beautiful home together in second life, we are raising two cats, have mutual friends; all of which is put on jeopardy if we decided that we did not actually like our real selves. Thank God we did!!

Of course not every thing was a bed of roses.

     At one point we were put in this device. Yeppers that's actually Cee and I, lol.

We had walked a lot and I am not fully recovered from my heart episode so I admit I was quit tired. We were boarding a shuttle bus, at Colonial Williamsburg, when I spotted a baby with a mustache(she had a pacifier that made her look like she had a mustache). In my fascination with the baby I lost my balance, the bus was packed, and almost landed in some woman's lap. Getting old is a bitch, lol.

I would recommend meeting someone from second life if you find someone that you feel is special. It can turn out to b a beautiful thing.

I would also suggest that women do a background check, on anyone they meet, for their own safety. The world is full of nuts. Cee now knows how nuts I am and she still met me. What's up with that? LOL!!


PS.... Thank you Rose for sending me the cologne. I smelled wonderful and I think it made me a bit better looking, smiles.

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