Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Dirt Road,Chapter 7~~A Short Story By Randy Mantovani


The big day had finally arrived. Cheyenne Duffy was marrying Alex Cummings on a crisp December afternoon at The Ferry Road Baptist Church. Alex had been discharged from the army two weeks earlier and had already begun work on the Cummings farm.

Their house was finished and filled with furniture that has been in the Cummings or Duffy families for generations. No one on Ferry Road could boast a finer home.

Being brought up in a very large Italian family I was use to weddings being elaborate affairs. Four or Five hundred guests, live bands, open bars and restaurant prepared food were the norm for me. But on Ferry Road the church wedding was simple and the reception was in the church basement with food provided by every kitchen along the road. I liked this simple approach to new lives starting together. It seemed somehow a normal way to start a life. The entire close knit community was there at the beginning and would remain along side the couple their entire lives.

That’s the real joy of life on Ferry road. A close community where everyone, even me as an outsider, was treated like family.

I had spent the week prior to the wedding kid proofing my house. Alex and Cheyenne were going to Disney World for a weeks honeymoon and as I was the only one who worked at home I was elected to watch little Alice while they were away.

I had so much fun with Alice around the house it was hard giving her up to Margaret Duffy when she came home from work.

The newlyweds returned from their honeymoon looking more mature than when they left. Alex jumped back into farm work the first day back and Cheyenne had her home running like clockwork. I watched with great admiration as they laid out there first garden plot as husband and wife.

Ferry Road is home to hard working people who raise their children to understand the value of work and family. There were thousands of places like this spread all over the country but this was my place now and here I would stay.



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