Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sending Daddy Dog On Vacation

I have this stuffed animal, a dog, in storage.  It was my daughters and she named it Daddy Dog. He has been in storage a long time gathering dust and looking sad. Funny we are starting to look alike, lol. It's time to send him on a vacation.

'Unagi Travel offers stuffed animal vacations for prices that range anywhere between $20 and $55 depending on the destination, and toy travelers have so far visited destinations as varied as Boston, Hollywood, and London', according to the Huffington Post.

Daddy Dog wants to visit Hollywood to see the stars on the sidewalk. One star in particular, Lassie.


He has always had a crush on Lassie. She is all he can talk about, lol. When he was a puppy we had to sit him in front of the television so he could watch hours of Lassie shows and movies. I think he grew to like Timmy Martin and the fictional Martin family, from the old Lassie television show, more than my own family. He dreamed of telling everyone "Timmy is in the well!".

I know he will want to visit the home of Jon Provost who played Timmy Martin in the series. He would kill for a picture of himself with his beloved Timmy.

I know he wants to meet Lassie. The current Lassie is the 10th generation from the original dog.

I have not the strength to tell Daddy Dog that the fictional Lassie has always been a female, however, every dog to play the role has in fact been a male, as male collies have more attractive coats.

That news will kill him. Poor straight lovesick dog that he is.


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