Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Had Honor~~Now?

I live by an old code; a man's honor is paramount to his life. Last night I threw my honor away at great cost. That cost was not paid by me but by someone that I care for greatly.

When faced with a choice of hope for a real life and honoring my commitment in Second Life I chose to grab at real life. Some will say that is the right decision, and I truly believe it is the correct one, but someone else paid my toll to real life. A price she did not deserve.

Sometimes I wish God would just tell us what our paths should be and send us off with readable road signs that guide us to a proper ending. Life would be so much simpler. But choosing our own paths is what makes us human I guess.

So I have moved on and left a wake of destruction behind me for someone else to live with and clean up. I can not apologize enough for my behavior. I pray, as I believe I have, made the correct decision.

While I move on to what should me a fruitful real life I pray that she recovers from my behavior.

I have much work to do to recover what is left of my honor.

Nothing fancy today kiddies. Just a profound sense of sadness and loss.


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