Thursday, August 22, 2013

High Heels, Women And Morning Wood

What makes a woman put on shoes that hurt and may well be detrimental to her muculoskeletal system?

Why do men love women in high heels?

How does this all tie into my morning wood experience?

Are you confused kiddies? Well you should be in my shoes, not high heels of course, when I dreamed about women walking in high heels and me watching from a perch high in a tree. In promise I was not drinking last night, lol.

I enjoyed researching this subject. Endless hours watching recordings of women walking in high heels was good for me.

It seems that women walking on high heels have an exaggerated gait which results in them walking more like a woman than when wearing flat shoes. So, as men's eyes are prone to do, men's gaze gravitates to this exaggerated womanly gait.

The movement of a woman is hypnotic. In this state of hypnosis men's bodily functions are taken over by 'the little head' and he finds himself in free fall to lust. I myself have experienced this phenomenon.

My research had made me conclude that a woman, while in high heels, moves seductively as an automatic response to the wear of said shoes. Hips swaying side to side, cheeks dropping and raising seductively, leg muscles taught from the foot position caused by her shoes and moving in perfect sequence almost like they are talking to a man's psyche.

The key for me is that a woman must actually be a woman. Not to young and with the battle scars of life plainly visible. A woman needs to be a bit seasoned to attract my dreams. A REAL woman that understands what those high heels are doing to her attractiveness.

Today I searched for hours for that tree from my dreams to no avail. But I look forward to sleep tonight and a return to that tree and the sights of women in high heels.

I just hope I have the strength to climb that damn tree, lol.


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