Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Morning, The Most Disturbing Time Of The Week

In movies all the quaint small towns resound with church bells on Sunday morning. Families, in their Sunday best are off to church, with kids in tow, joining other community members in an attempt to garner favor with God. A sign that we are a religious society; or at least are supposed to be one.

I give them credit for their faith even if I do not believe in their path. Religion is a man made institution and attendance to any religion is a fruitless exercise in reaching favor with God.

FAITH, is what God seeks, whether you are sitting in a church on Sunday morning or in a wooded park meditating as I was this morning. I am not saying that people who attend church regularly do not have faith. Many of them do. But for many more church attendance runs the gamut from 'mom made me attend' to 'church is a good networking opportunity'.

Human Beings need for buildings or symbols is a pathetic attempt to appease God. Buildings and symbols are no different than sacrificing goats, cattle or other humans.

The proper way to show your faith in God is to protect Gods creations. Respect nature. Respect each other. Take a personal interest in one on one conversations with God. You do not need an intermediary, whether a priest, minister, rabbi or holy man, to speak to YOUR God. All you need is your FAITH.

Next Sunday morning take a walk in the woods and sit under a tree. Close your eyes and use your ears to listen to all that God has provided.

The sounds of Gods creations are far better than church bells.


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