Sunday, October 21, 2012

Standing In The Back Of The Room Can Payoff Big!!!

On August 22, 2011 I was standing in the back of The Roof venue listening to music on a night that was meant to be my last in Second Life. Second Life drama, and we all know how that story goes, had taken its toll and I had had enough. I had decided that if nothing good happened this night, a new friend or at least something interesting, I was going to log off and, for the most part, leave Second Life behind.

Toward the end of my night I decided to ask someone to dance and had she said no I believe that would have been it for me. Her name was Friendly Story and she said yes. We talked and danced for over an hour hitting it off pretty well.

We have been together pretty much every night since. I am truly blessed. In a short time she had pulled my Second Life out of the crapper but amazingly she did the same for my Real Life. In time we started to enhance each others lives.

When I got sick, earlier this year, she was there at my side to keep me going. There are times that I truly believe that if not for her I would have given up. Like I said; I am truly blessed.

Today, October 21, 2012 we celebrate our first year of marriage. In all my life I have never felt this strongly about any woman or have been as committed to a relationship. That old adage about 'her completing me' is true; Friendly, my Christine, completes me.

I Love You Precious!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!


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