Sunday, September 23, 2012

What If The Sandal Was On The Other Foot?~`Where is The Christian Outrage?

The Muslim World is in an uproar over a movie and its depiction of the Prophet Mohammad and well they should be as no one has a right to bastardize any religion for any reason. My disgust with this situation is threefold.

The first is that someone used his First Amendment Rights to make this vile movie. The spreading of lies and innuendo in an attempt to make and defend an indefensible point is a pointless exercise. I understand the outrage of Muslims world wide and sympathize them but they fail to understand the freedoms that they have been fighting for during The Arab Spring.

With all the good that our Constitution guarantees us there is some bad that comes with it. Tolerance for idiots and morons, like those involved with this movie, is a price we pay for our First Amendment Rights.

A few years ago some low life made a cross, either covered in poop or made of poop, under the guise of ART. I hated it even though I am not a Christian but I accepted it because of this cretins right to his own form of free speech. My real problem was that it was done under a grant that used our tax dollars to fund this literal piece of shit.

Christians were outraged but not to the extent that Muslims are this week. The difference is how each of them looks at their respective religions. Which brings me to my second point.

Where is the Christian outrage over this movie? Why have we not heard from the leaders of the Christian World condemning this film and supporting Muslims in their disgust?

What if the sandal was on the other foot and someone made a movie denigrating Christ. If I told you that Jesus Christ was a whore monger who slept with prostitutes, like Mary Magdalen, every night while leaving his wife(new information has come to light that Jesus may well have had a wife) home with the kids. Would that stir some outrage?

How about this for an outrage producer; Jesus Christ was such an alcohol abuser that he , upon finding a shortage of wine at a wedding, changed water into wine so he and his twelve fraternity brothers could continue to get loaded and molest the bridesmaids. Would that get you upset?

Not upset yet? Lets push you over the edge. At the last supper there is an effeminate looking man in the painting. Postulation is that it may be a woman. I think its a gay male who was the bed warmer for Jesus while they were on long road trips. You know a little something to keep Jesus happy when they traveled without their usual female groupies.

Are you pissed off yet? I can go on all day bastardizing the life of Jesus Christ but  I don't think it's necessary. Do you?

Of course all of what I just said was bullshit. But it is no different than the bullshit spread by this idiotic movie.

Step up Christians!! You should be in lock step with Muslims condemning this movie and those who made it.

Finally!! Are we so naive to believe that a movie is the root cause of all this unrest and loss of life? Are we so naive to believe that these events coincided with the 9/11 anniversary and have nothing to do with that anniversary?

I believe that there are factions of Radical Islam that have been waiting for something just like this to strike at us. We may not think much of Osama Bin Laden but to much of the Muslim World he was a rock star. Radical Islam has been waiting to avenge his death. Those who think otherwise are living in a bubble.

Every thinking human, no matter what religious affiliation you claim as your own, should be outraged by this movie and should be publicly saying so. Anyone can, and I am sure will, make a movie denigrating any religion. Speak up now and just maybe they will think twice about doing something against your beliefs.

So I say again; Where is the Christian outrage?


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