Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Movie~~Interesting Premise

There is a new movie coming out this Friday titled 'Saftey Not Garunteed' that is based on a true story. It seems a man once posted a classified advertisement looking for a companion which of course does not sound that unusual. The twist here is that this fellow stated in the advertisement that he needs a companion for time travel. Time travel opens up the possibilities of finding a companion or someone to love infinitely. Intriguing I think!

The movie follows three magazine employees who head out on an assignment to interview the guy who placed the classified advertisement.

I find the possibility of one traveling through time and finding love or companionship in a past or future era a concept I could grasp on to enthusiastically. Would she be someone famous or just one of us plain folks? What might she do for a living? What part of the world would I find her? The possibilities are endless.

It is impossible to speculate who this person might be especially if they were lesser known but I thought it would be fun to look at a few possibilities.

Mary Magdalene~~Any woman that can attract Jesus, the reputed son of God, has to be included on my list. Scholars have recently begun to rewrite her biography. Changing her from a prostitute to a widow. I certainly would like to meet her and find out the truth.

Marie Antoinette~~I want to know what all the fuss was about. I am attracted to strong women and Marie had the strongest man, of his era, by the balls. I would throw my balls into her arena.

Cleopatra~~This choice does not even need explanation.

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder~~As much fun as the wild women of history might be there comes a time when settling down to a wholesome life is more than desirable. How much more wholesome can it get than with the writer of the Little House books.

Shirley Temple Black~~Was there any red blooded American boy who did not fall in love with the curly haired Shirley Temple? That little girl grew into a beautiful and accomplished woman.

Lucille Ball~~There is nothing better than a beautiful woman that can make me laugh.

Mary Shelly~~A talented writer that would stimulate my mind and teach me all that I am sorely lacking in my own writing.

As you can see I did not make my choices based on beauty and sex appeal alone. A beautiful woman may keep your bed warm at night but an intelligent woman keeps your life fresh and interesting.


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