Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sadness In North Carolina

It was like watching a scene from a zombie movie. Zombiefied church goers filing out of their respective religious enclaves and under orders from their head zombie, their ministers, they walked in horde formation to the voting booth to deny a basic right to a group of American citizens.

It saddens me that the North Carolina Constitution is being used to deny rights to North Carolinians. Our constitution should be amended to enhance our rights not deny them.

Apparently 61% of North Carolinians believe it is alright to make an American a second class citizen. These same deniers would be first in line to complain if it was one of their rights being stolen from them.

We have awakened in a state where same sex couples , in committed relationships, do not have the same rights as married heterosexual couples. Which, by the way, was the case before the amendment was passed. We have also produced a situation where any couple, in a committed relationship, does not have equal rights to a legally married couple. Sexual orientation be damned.

I believe that one of the reasons churches wanted this law was to produce a situation that would eventually make all civil unions null and void in favor of religious ceremonies. These bigots running churches, out of every unoccupied store front and holding their religious callings from the backs of match book covers, are grasping at every possible straw to bring people back into their dying churches. A desperate attempt to force religion down peoples throats in the guise of 'doing Gods work'.

A pathetic attempt to hold sway over peoples lives in Gods name.

I have seen jobs lost, progress in cities growth delayed and people held in poverty by ministers that attempt to put their churches and their collection plates before the needs of human beings. Now I have seen the denial of a basic human right. Sad indeed!

I have said this before; same sex couples will achieve equal status in time. A battle has been lost but the war continues.

In a world where 'executive orders' are regularly being used to bypass congress I hope that amending the state or federal constitutions has not been introduced as a new tool to try and control certain segments of the population.

I am metaphorically flying my North Carolina flag at half mast today in disgust over the loss of a human right. Lets hope the 61% does not have to do the same one day when someone amends our constitution and deprives them of their rights.

Red haired people beware!! A large segment of the population has always held you in disrespect. A constitutional amendment banning your hair color may be  right around the corner.

I wonder what the Bible says about red hair?


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