Monday, March 5, 2012

Unlike Golf~~Life Comes With No Mulligans!

I love playing golf and a day spent walking along the links enjoying the weather and exercise is just about perfect. Before we go on; I suck at golf. If you let it that little white ball will frustrate the hell out of you and bring grown men to their knees.

Although I like playing a round with a partner playing alone is my favorite way to enjoy the game. Early morning rounds when it is not to hot and the couse is sparsely populated is a good day for me. Plus, I get to play by my rules and do not have to adhere to the' rules of the game' that is required by playing with a partner.

The 'mulligan' is my best friend, lol. When I play with friends we give each other two mulligans; one each on the front and back nines. When I play alone I give myself EIGHTEEN mulligans, one per hole. Damn I treat myself so well. Hell sometimes I do not even get my score card out.

There is this saying that goes something like "To play golf is to spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk". I never allow this game to ruin my walk and the mulligan plays a very big part in achieving that goal.

Unfortunately the 'game of life' allows no mulligans. The strokes you play are the ones that define how your life is judged. Remember that the judgement of man means nothing to your life. Only the judgement of God and yourself counts.

What would you change from your past?

What would you do differently?

This is a good exercise for judging yourself. I can honestly say that I would not change anything in my life. Every circumstance, every road taken leads to a result. Making changes in your decision making will change that result. Can you live with those changes?

I was married three times. I have often thought, "what if I had not shown up for that wedding?" Would my life be easier? The answer to that is of course it would. But would my life be happier? My life would have been much poorer for not being married.

One look at my children and I know that being married three times, while the outcomes of the marriages were less than desirable, my children make it all worth while. The marriages were not mistakes. They were stopping points on my journey that have and will give me happiness everyday of my life.

Life does not have to be perfect to be a happy life. In my opinion perfectionists are quite unhappy people because what ever life's outcomes they will never be satisfied.

So in the end I would change nothing. I can easily live with my decisions every time I think about my children; Kimberly Lynn, Elizabeth Rose, Antonio GianPaola and Andrea Lauren.

I will take my mulligans on the golf course but never on my life decisions.


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