Saturday, March 10, 2012

Republicans Fiddle While Washington Burns, Part III

Less than eight months until election day and in my mind the Republicans have no direction and are in disarray. I remember this time last year thinking that Obama would be gone next year and we would start putting our country back on track. Our train ran off the track during the last Bush administration and Obama has run us out on the bayou so far we can no longer see the tracks.

Four men remain as possible Republican nominees, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. If I could meld them all together one decent nominee may appear.

The process of picking a nominee will probably drag out until the Republican convention this summer. A very bad thing for the Republicans as Obama will have all that extra time to campaign while Republicans argue among themselves.

This is a crucial time in our history. No President, with the exception of Jimmy Carter who was to inept to accomplish his goals, has been more poised to change the direction of our democracy. I mean change it in ways that try and make The Constitution irrelevant. We are in a fight for our very existence and most Americans do not or can not see what is happening.

The defeat of this president is not just desirable but essential to a United States that should be leading the world. Let me repeat, I am not solely blaming President Obama. I am also blaming President Bush for creating a climate that allowed the rise of Obama and his policies.

How many times have Democrats said publicly that Republicans want to take social security away, or step on the necks of the poor to keep them poor, or destroy medicare and now Republicans want to attack women. The period between President Reagan through President Obama we have had 20  years under Republican administrations and 12 years under Democrat administrations and yet none of the things that are claimed as throw aways for conservatives have been tossed.

But people still believe that they will lose vital services if conservatives are in charge. Democrats keep crying wolf and the drive by media keeps backing them up. When will conservatives have the balls to yell BULLSHIT. Instead they lay down like dogs and get stepped on. Disappointing indeed.

Conservatives, for the most part, will line up behind their nominee in November. I fear that will not be enough.

Four more years of Obama could be devastating unless conservatives hold congress or the senate or both. At least that will cause gridlock and slow Obama down.

My question is, Can we afford another four years of gridlock and survive? The alternative is frightening.

No matter how things develop, go vote and exercise you constitutionally given rights. You never know when those rights may disappear.


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