Friday, March 9, 2012

Republicans Fiddle While Washington Burns, Part II

We have had distractions from all directions this past two weeks. Both 'enemy directed  distraction' and 'self inflicted distraction'. What has come out of all this misdirection and hocus pocus?

Under the distracting hands of those who gave us such catch phrases such as 'the war on drugs', 'the war on poverty' and 'the war on social security', the drive by media, we have a new catch phrase to describe perceived conservative evil. 'The War On Woman'!!!!

The steaming pile of doo doo now says that conservatives want to suppress women's reproductive rights, force women back into the kitchen and 19th century servitude and control women in every way possible. The new slavery is the conservative plan for women.

"Keep them down on the farm pregnant, barefoot and cooking my dinner. Later they can care to my other needs"

Unquestioned long lines of liberal pundits and hacks lined up to give testimony to their view of 'conservative values'. No hard questions are asked. No real facts are give. If the drive by media reported it it has to be true, RIGHT?

Who is to blame for the mess Republicans now find themselves. In my mind the Republicans themselves are to blame for all that has occurred. The Democrats are in campaign mode and doing a very good job of muddying the waters from what was, some 6 months ago, a weakened position behind a failed President.

It is the Republicans that have drilled holes in their own boat and seem unprepared to repair the holes and stay afloat.

Republicans, through a long and unnecessary debate season, spent the past 6 months sinking their own boat. They literally did the Democrats work for them. Twenty debates that were moderated, for the most part, by liberals were used to expose the candidates weaknesses and allow Democrats to plan using our own words against us.

What did we learn from these debates that we did not already know about the Republican candidates? NOTHING!!! What we knew before debate one is what we know today after debate 20. A total waste of time for the conservative cause and a major weakness finding mission for the Democrats.

At every turn Republicans found ways to put their feet in their mouths. The crowning misstep came from Rush Limbaugh himself. His choice of words, to describe Ms Fluke, were inappropriate and far below a man of his intelligence. Had he chosen his words using the high moral ground rather than taking the gutter route he would have possibly given conservatives a victory. Victory was pissed away and in its place apologies and crow eating took center stage.

The lesson I take away from all this post Flukegate situation is that Rush Limbaugh is more powerful within the Republican party than I had believed. I guess fifteen million listeners will produce that kind of power.

I also now see that the party fears him and his listeners. That, to me, is evident in the response the Republican candidates gave when asked about Flukegate. None of the candidates gave answers that in any way shape or form challenged Mr. Limbaugh.

Every answer was generic and meant to stay in the good graces of Rush. The shame here is that each and every candidate missed a chance to show some leadership on this issue. All failed miserably.

At this rate President Obama will be elected without him or his campaign firing one original thought across the bow of the Republican nominee. He does not need to as the Republicans are loading his cannon for him.


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