Friday, January 6, 2012

What Lurks In The Minds Of Some Politicians!!

There is no one, on this planet, that wants to see Barack 'Obamination' Obama out of office and back in Hawaii enjoying his home state more than I. NO ONE!!

But spending, no wasting, time insulting Michelle Obama is not the way to achieve the goal of sending the present administration out of Washington, DC and into footnote status. I have said this before and I will keep repeating it until the 'political neandrethals' squeeze it in between the remaining two pieces of gray matter they are still rubbing together.

First Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and world renowned Porky Pig Impersonator insults Mrs Obama because he believes her posterior is to large. A cheap shot coming from someone that has not only never kissed a meal but one who should be investigated for smuggling an extra person, in his pants, and onto the floor of Congress.

                               Congressman Jim 'Porky Pig' Sensenbrenner 

Now Mike O'Neal, Kansas House Speaker, sends out an email referring to First Lady Michelle Obama as "Mrs. YoMama" and comparing her to the Grinch. The subject line of the email reads "Twins separated at birth?" It includes side-by-side pictures of Michelle Obama and the Grinch with similarly windswept hair. The forwarded part of the email reads, "I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Mrs. YoMama a wonderful, long Hawaii Christmas vacation -- at our expense, of course."

Mike O'Neal, Kansas House Speaker and President of  American Human Jowl Research  Foundation

These two men are not only insulting the First Lady; but are also degrading the positions they hold through the use of cheap and misdirected comments.

I remember when President Clinton, during his first Presidential run, used the catch phrase "It's the economy, stupid" against then President H. W. Bush so successfully. A simple line that had a devastating effect.


If you have to attack President Obama do so with the facts. With solid 'conservative values'. With intelligent rhetoric that compares President Obama's failed policies.

Do not cheap shot the First Lady or the Obama children.

Let me tell you what affect this sort of attack has on some segments of the 'voting public'.


People will cast votes of sympathy, for President Obama, because of what is perceived as unnecessary and ignorant rants against his wife.

Please do not make the task of unseating this administration harder. If you have substantive information that will assist in this task please let the world know.

If you think like 'Porky Pig or Jowl Man' keep your freaking mouth shut and crawl back into your cave.

Love ya,

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