Monday, January 23, 2012

Read Between Obama's Lines Tomorrow Night!!

During the State of the Union Address, tomorrow night, you will hear words like 'fairness' and 'responsibility'. These are famous 'focus group' words. Words that make us feel good. Politicians study these words to see which ones elicit favorable reactions from the people. Politics is a game of 'rhetoric' in which words are chosen for how they make us feel rather than ones that convey substance that we can study and decide on.

Politicians want to make you feel good while actually giving you very little information about issues. If their words make you feel good then you will feel good about the person uttering them and consequently vote for that person. In the end it is like a high school prom queen contest. One driven by popularity rather than issues.

So what is wrong with words like 'responsibility' and 'fairness'? Nothing unless you study the context in which they are spoken. Nothing when used properly.

My interpretation of 'responsibility' and 'fairness', when applied to citizens of the United States is; 1. Responsibility is the act of taking care of yourself and your family without assistance of the government unless in extreme circumstances and 2. Fairness is getting what you have earned as a productive part of our society.

But tomorrow night President Obama will give those words completely different meanings. In The Presidents world; Responsibility is the act of those who have achieved success to pass that success onto those who have not achieved and Fairness is the act of spreading the achievers wealth to the non achievers unearned.

?Have you heard these definitions before? Maybe put into different words by the German philosopher and socialist, Karl Marx, in the late 18th century?

Karl Marz said; “From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need”. Basically Marx is saying that what must be done is to take what one person earned, legally, and redistribute it to those who have not earned it. A process of raising the non achievers up on the backs of those willing to achieve.

I know that this sounds good to some in our society. Getting someones earnings for doing little or nothing. But riddle me this kiddies!! How long do you think the achievers will be willing to achieve if they will end up giving it to the non achievers. I think that if they were smart enough to be successful they are certainly smart enough to realize that if we are all to have the same stuff why work because the government will give it to you.

Anyone remember the long food lines in The USSR while communism was in full force? I heard that the government gave out medals to those who achieved. Have you ever tried to feed a medal to your hungry children?

I am not saying that we do not have inequities and problems within our system. We certainly do. But in a society where most people are productive and because of that the society is thriving; those in need will be taken care of and taken care of well.

Please study what you are told, by any politician in any political party, and strip out all the 'feel good crap' and look for the substance. Then take that substance to the voting booth.

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