Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Me A Moral Compass~~Good God No!!!

Late last night I received an email from someone who has been reading this blog. I do not get many emails or comments at the blog, much to my chagrin, but this one both flattered and pissed me off at the same time. This particular person was not trying to be mean or derogatory toward me as I actually believe he believed what he was telling me.

The gist of the email was that 'as a blog writer I should be a moral compass for my readers'. Being considered any ones 'moral compass' is a great burden. To think that someone, anyone, would look to me for guidance is frightening beyond comprehension.

Kiddies I am as lost as the rest of you! I wander life's road staggering off the sides and falling on the gravel every day. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line; I am never going to reach that point because my line looks like that of a perpetually drunken man.

My discussion, with the email writer, centered on Second Life and the roll and responsibility  of Second Life Bloggers. He believed that we, as bloggers, have a responsibility to lead a morality charge in Second Life and be educators to the masses.

He makes some sense but most of us do not blog for the masses. Sure we all like to have people read what we write. That is a given dictated by our egos. I can honestly tell you that I would continue to blog if 'no one' read a word I wrote because I write for myself. Maybe it is my way of looking for my course on my own personal moral compass.

There are many people, in Second Life, that are far better and much more appropriate moral compass. The Executive Committee of Relay For Life in Second Life, especially MamaP Beebbaum amd Dwen Dooley are far better choices. They all give of themselves tirelessly, all year long, to help other people.

Shannon Dubratt and Rocky Hillburton, over at Alafia Country, who work themselves to the bone for 'Toys for Tots' are perfect choices.

My good friend Sienna Thor, of the RFL Cure Chasers and Red River, who would give you the short off her back if it raised a single $L for RFL. As a matter of fact last year she covered her entire body with hair and eventually turned into a tiny bunny, for two months, because helping people is more important to her than her own personal comfort. I have never gone into an RFL event, with Sienna, where she has not emptied her purse while there. A much better choice indeed.

These are people to emulate and set your 'moral compass north'.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”~~Buddha

I do think I can help you set a 'moral compass' direction. Follow this simple rule and I can be of tremendous assistance to your life's choices.

"If we happen to be walking along the same road and moving in a southerly direction~~quickly reverse your direction and move toward the north~~because I can tell you now that I am going exactly where you d not want to travel." Randy(2011)

Love ya,

PS......I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and given some of their precious time to reading my ramblings. Over 10, 000 of you have done so in the past year. i am truly humbled by your kindness.

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