Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's True!!~~Women Become More Beautiful With Age!!

In the past 20 years or so women between 20 and 30 seemed to rule the world. They have been held up as the epitome of the beautiful woman. Personally I believe that women, being idolized by the fashion industry, are to skinny and to perfect. That's right! TOO PERFECT!!

Age and a little wear and tear add character to a woman. For every single, so called perfect women offered up by the fashion industry, there are thousands of beautiful women populating the planet.

That old saying; 'Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder' is true and appropriate for any age of human existence. That skinny model of 2011 was once a more plump pinup in Ancient Roman.

The Roman woman was not fat but well rounded and beautiful. I find women with curves intriguing and desirable.

I have blogged on this subject before when I saw a picture of a grossly skinny woman walking the runway at a fashion show. Personally I believe her to be an embarrassment to the fashion industry rather than an enhancement.

This is the picture that struck me as totally scary and poses a health risk to impressionable young women. There is nothing appealing about this woman's body. NOTHING!! I am the father of three girls and I would be horrified if one of my daughters came home looking this way.

These women I find appealing:

They all look REAL!! It seems to me that REAL is what we should be looking for in a woman. Sitting around waiting for a super model will get you one thing out of you life. LONELINESS!!

Unfortunately there are men and women sitting around waiting for a perfect female or male specimen and wasting so many years of their lives. Sad Indeed!!

The most beautiful women I encountered today was a group of Grandmas from Lake Helen, Florida. They posed nude for a calender to raise money for a local American Legion Post.

                                                Beautiful Indeed!!

You can read their story at

The idea for the calender came from a 2003 movie titled 'Calender Girl' based on a true event in England. I watched it this morning prior to writing this blog. It is quite good and inspiring, Give it a look.

Love ya,

PS.....How that for a 'moral compass',,,LOL!

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