Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Are They On The List Of People We Hate Because Of Their Industry?

Yesterday I read an article listing the 'Ten Most Hated Industries'. I understand many of the industries that were listed. The Federal Government and the Oil Industry topped the list. Attorneys and those in the Pharmaceutical Industries were named. But one group took me by surprise. The Medical Industry!!!!

Yes Medical Costs are high. Driven by many factors including greed. But hating the industry seemed a bit severe. Very good people work in the medical field. What I was not seeing, in my train of thought, was that it was the INDUSTRY that was being hated and not the People that were providing the services. That is true, I believe, for all the industries listed.

I felt better about the entire issue once I analyzed it. It upset me, originally, because so many of my friends are involved in the medical field.

So putting aside my original objection; I moved on to my second, and to me more important objection, Why were some industries left off the list?

So I am making my own list. My list does include some duplicates but other choices I have made may surprise you. Then again maybe not, lol.

In Reverse Order My Top 10:

10 ~ Pharmaceutical Industry - I would agree that medication research and development is very costly. The cost of bringing a new drug to the market place is phenomenal. But for drugs that become some of the more popularly prescribed drugs; holding the price artificially high for the length of the patent is a form of gouging. Seems the the price of a drug drops the day after its patent runs out. Funny That!!

 9 ~ Communications - Cell phones, the Internet and the service given their customers is listed because the value give to the consumers is far lacking compared to the prices that are being charged. Combining that with their penchant for moving jobs over seas and their place on the list is secured.

 8 ~ Education - An industry that needs an overhaul. Admittedly I do not have any idea how to do that but someone, somewhere, inside the industry,  needs to step up and get out schools straightened out. I can think of no other industry that is more vital to the future of our children.

 7 ~ Public Relations/Advertising - A group that wraps a pig in Christmas paper and tries to tell us it is the  most important new item our family will ever need. Test everything yourself! That is the only way you will be able to judge its quality. These morons will never tell you the truth.

 6 ~ Retail Garment Industry - OK! A 3 pack of white men's boxer shorts; 12 FREAKING DOLLARS. They have some little kid making this thing for next to nothing and then they gauge the F$$K out of us. Then they have the BALLS TO TELL US TO BUY AMERICAN! Buy what you can afford. YOUR family comes first.

 5 ~ Major League Sports - Growing up I always enjoyed going out to a game. It was affordable and juts a fun thing to do with family. Now few can afford single game tickets let alone a season pass. And forget eating at the game site. Parents need second jobs just to make these outings. The fans have been left to pray for sell outs so they can catch the game on television.

 4 ~ The Alternative Energy Industry - I will agree that sources of alternative energy are needed but please perfect them and make them affordable before trying to shove them down our collective throats.

 3 ~ Federal Government - This one is our own faults. We continue to elect people that have tired used up idea to solve modern problems. Elect people that will actually do the job first and worry about re-election last. An easy thing for me to say; I know.

 2 ~ Paparazzi/Entertainment News - I have spoken about this before so I will say just two things quickly and loudly. BABY FREAKING BUMPS!! WHO THE F$$K CARES IF SOME CELEBRITY WORE A BIKINI A MONTH AFTER SHE HAD A BABY. IF SHE IS NOT TAKING IT OFF IN MY BEDROOM~~I DO NOT CARE!!!!!

 1 ~ Attorneys - Not all attorneys just the group that has become, through the use of the mass media, THE NEW AGE AMBULANCE CHASERS. The ones that find every possible side effect, of every possible product, and advertise for potential clients knowing that the product manufacturer will pay out of court to avoid disastrous publicity. Whether that publicity is deserved or not. This is a group that has usurped the reputation of what was once a noble profession.

I have purposefully left The Banking Industry of the list. They are so F$$KED UP that that are a list to their own selves. Maybe I should list them as ONE PRIMES TO INFINITY!! If there is such a thing?

Now it is time for breakfast and lots of coffee, lol. I sure as hell have to find some happier subjects the rest of this week.


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