Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Woke Up This Morning Angry!!

Yeppers!! My eyes opened and nothing seemed the way I wanted it to be. Why is it that we have days like that for no apparent reason? I had a good day yesterday. No problems at all. I had a great evening with friends. I spoke to my children. Ate well. Hell I was even regular, lol. So WTF is wrong with me today.

When I am in this type of mood I find that it is almost mandatory that I write about things I hate or things I feel are wrong. And usually, in the end, at last I feel better. It is said that I am a selfish Son Of A Bitch at times but guess what? I do not any longer care what people think about me. Someone is getting reamed today and kiddies it is not going to be me.


~~~Beyonce is having a baby. Who The Fuck Cares!!! Every damned singer or actress that shows a freaking baby bump should be shuffled off to some camp until the thing is born so we can get some REAL NEWS!!  Headline I Just Read~~Beyonce's Baby News Bigger Than Bin Laden' Death! REALLY!! Unless this kid is born with the strength to tumble over buildings I think Bin Laden wins this news battle.

~~~Headline-Antonio Banderas Gets Creepy & Crazy! When the fuck was he not Creep and Crazy? Even on a slow news day putting this out as worthy news is pathetic. I guess the editor for this story must have been in the bathroom getting rid of last nights taco dinner when this shit slipped through..

~~~LeAnn Rines celebrated her birthday in her BIKINI. While I am a LeAnn fan; how she celebrated her birthday is information I do not need. Unless, of course, she celebrated it at my house in that bikini(admittedly she did look very good). And BTW; I celebrated my birthday 3 weeks ago alone, in my underwear and siting in front of my TV watching Dog The Freaking Bounty Hunter. Now That is Freaking News Worthy!!!

~~~Headline=Michele Bachmann Says Hurricane Irene And Earthquake Are Divine Warnings To Washington. Why the fuck does every politician think they are the God Damned Second Coming? There is One God; He/She/or It is up there doing what ever the fuck They feel like doing and I am sure God did not crawl out of His cloud shrouded bed this morning to see what Michele Bachmann was saying in his name. Michelle will be joining  Antonio Bandares for lunch at the Creepy and Crazy Club Luncheon later today. 

Yeppers! I am going to hell.

~~~Headline-Onyango Obama, Uncle Of President, Arrested For Drunk Driving. I am not an Obama fan but why is an uncle being drunk news worthy and why do news people actually ask the President of The United States to comment on this shit. I had an uncle that ran over some guy, who was drunk, when the guy was running across Route 9, in New Jersey, with his shirt stuffed with BABY WATERMELONS. That did not even make the news and it was FREAKING FUNNY.

I feel a little better. More relaxed. There is a lot more stupid stuff  in the news(yeah right news, lol) but I will let you discover it yourself. Call it homework kiddies.

Your assignment~~~'Find Stupid And Trivial News' and give me a short synopsis of it so i can use it another time When I Feel Like Throwing Out The Baby With The Bath Water!!

                                             Now that's Funny!!!


PS.....No children, small animals or news editors were injured in the writing of the blog entry. All complaints should be sent to me, care of this blog and titled,,I Do Not Give A Fuck!!

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