Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Front Lines!!

Everything is quiet while we await the rising of the sun on what would ordinarily be a beautiful South Carolina day. On March 16, 2011 I told you about the coming Squirrel Invasion. In these past few days South Carolinians have rallied to the cause to protect our homes.

I am writing this while sitting on the front lines of an upcoming battle that may well end South Carolina as we know it. I am in an upstairs room of my house looking out over the beach. A beach that just a week ago was full of people enjoying life. The scene that is unfolding before me is a far different one.

US Marines are manning defensive positions along the sand dunes and are fully prepared to repel the coming invasion. South Carolina's famed Militia, of which I am a proud member, stands ready to back up the Marines. We are awaiting reinforcements from North Carolina and Georgia but I fear they may not arrive in time. We must hold these beaches to preserve our state.

I am looking at the faces of the young Marines below me on the beaches. I see stern determined looks. I see men and women of every race and religion led by experienced officers. I see Americans. They did not ask to be here but when called they came. There was no stopping them.

The South Carolina Militia is a motley crew of well armed men and women. These are their homes they are defending. In the face of what is coming; none will turn and run. They will all do their duty to their State and their Country.

Word has just come down the line that the first landing barges have been sited about 2 miles off shore. Air Force and Naval planes have engaged the enemy fleet. From my vantage point I can see the flashes of light that reflect the intensity of the sea battle.

As the sun starts to rise; the first landing barges can be seen by the naked eye. There must be a thousand of them. Shells from the Squirrel Ships have started falling on the beaches. Even under immense bombardment the Marines continue to hold the line.

The barges are approaching the beaches now. I can see the first of the barge doors opening and hundreds of squirrels rushing the beaches. The Marines have opened fire. The SC Militia is already engaged. I have to stop writing now the battle is moving close. I will join the fight. God help us!!

This has been a brutal fight. The carnage is every where. Just as the battle seemed to be turning in the squirrels favor reinforcements from Georgia arrived and the tide was turned in our favor. The Marines stood strong. The SC Militia never flinched.

Prisoners have been taken and are being interrogated. They are defiant but we will break them.

Information has just reached us that the Squirrels have asked for a truce and our leaders are holding meetings with them at the headquarters of their sole remaining ally.

I knew it all a long. Those damn elves.

A peacefulness is settling over the battlefield. Feels like a combination of happiness at being alive and pride of what was accomplished. When we stand together we can not be beaten.


I wrote the original Squirrel Invasion story on March 16, 2011 and then sat back to see if anyone really got it. Here is the funny thing. Someone did but that they got it was not the funny thing. What was funny was where they lived. An Arab country!! This person saw through my story and even called it an "Easy to understand analogy".

Kiddies; this story was about the War On Terror. It was about freedom; both preserving what you have and gaining what is every persons God given right. It is true that the idea came to me when I saw an article about squirrel attacks in Bennington, Vermont. The rest was my imagination running wild.

My Point is a simple one. If we stand together. If any people, in any country, stand together they can protect their way life. Hell they can improve it. We are seeing that all over the Arab world right now. You are living in one of life's historical moments. Do not let it go by without realizing what is going on.

We are all on The Front Lines of this fight. Lets put up a good fight.

Love ya,

PS....I was averaging 2 - 3 readers from Iran per day recently. None have logged on to this Blog in the past 6 days.

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