Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nights Dance To Day~~~Chapter 8

Chapter 8
“I am concerned about not having a third person for this job!”, Pete showed that concern on his face.
“We have to control three men quickly and only one of us can be in the park. Both of us need to be on the ground to take out the guards cleanly and load Martin into a car. We need a driver.”, Pete said. He knew that I would not bring Keane back into this.

“Anybody in mind?”, I asked.

Pete told me that Vann Malabo was available. Vann Malabo, nick named Wailer because he was shot when he was 15 years old and everyone said they could hear him ‘Wailing’ for 20 blocks around. He was a brash 26 year old now who had no match when driving a car through city streets and staying below the radar at the same time. He had been a Marine and was proficient with both weapons and hand to hand combat.

“Does he know that this isn’t a paying job?”

“ I told him. Told him it was a personal job for you. He said he is in if you want him.”, Pete said.

“This means delaying at least 2 days to bring him up to speed. I think we could use a little more surveillance time anyway. Call him!”

Vann was just as I remembered him. A deceivingly skinny looking kid who I know could handle himself. We filled him in, over a meal at Pete’s apartment. The kid listened and said nothing. Just sat there looking stupid but I could feel he was taking it all in.
After Pete and I finished talking Vann said, “ We need a van with a sliding side door; its easier to pull someone into.”

Pete, “Makes sense. What else do you need?”

Vann, “ The van needs a side rail inside to handcuff this prick to and an eye hook welded to the floor to shackle his feet to. I don’t want him getting loose while I am driving him around.”

“How much time do you need to set it up?”. I asked.

Vann, “Give me 36 hours to find the truck and outfit it. I already have all the equipment needed to get the job done.”

“Call me in 24 hours with a progress report.”

Vann headed out to get his part done. Pete and I stayed behind and went over the operation. We decided to keep up surveillance as before and gather as much information as we could. The more we knew the easier this would all be.

“The kids got balls.”, Pete.

“He is going to need them before this is over!”

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