Thursday, February 10, 2011

Make Her Happy And Discover All The Possibilities!!

My thinking about 'Rules For Dating In Second Life'; started me thinking about how to keep some one happy while dating or even more importantly; when you take a partner.

I found this set of 'Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship'. Another find in the profile of a woman worth knowing.

Have you told her you loved her?
Have you held her hand in public?
Have you made her feel like she is number one in your life?
Have you made her feel like she is a priority and not an option?
Have you made her feel like she is the one and only?
Have you done something unexpected just because?
Have you made her the focus of your day?
Have you planned an evening for just you two without her even knowing?
Have  your words and your actions meet up in the one in the same?
Have you put her first before you?
Remember romance to most women just takes a little effort to make her feel she is your heart, soul, and your love.
Say yes to one of these questions each day and you will be surprised what she will do for you.   

I would never ask anyone to apply anything to their relationships, that I have not applied to my own. So after reading these; I decided to apply them to my  Second Life partnership. I can honestly tell you that Thinkie and I have done every one of those things for each other. Maybe that is why we have lasted 34 months together. Probably the only one that we have not done multiple times is holding hands. I think being avatars, with some physical restrictions, would explain that. But we do mentally hold hands, in bed each night, while talking before logging off. I think that counts.

There is nothing written, in these questions, that anyone can not apply to there Second Life relationships. Actually; applying them to your Real Life would not hurt one single bit.

Please remember, that if you disagree with what I write or want to put in your two cents,  I beg you to comment as often as you want. Believe me I can take it.


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