Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something A Little Different Today!!

They come from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark,Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany The Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Australia.

They are husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and the person you passed last week at the grocery store or gas station.

They are tall, short, skinny, plump, muscular, handsome, pretty and intelligent,

They are architects, homemakers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, students, carpenters, truck drivers, construction workers, bakers, barbers, engineers, fishermen, sales clerks, store managers, police, firemen and so many other professions that are to many to mention.

They are good, hard working people with strong beliefs in what is right and what wrongs need to be fixed.

Someone loves them, and  someone needs them. Someone looks up to them. Someone waits for them.

They help people. They protect people. They build roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, power plants and water purification plants.

They are North Atlantic Treaty Organization soldiers(NATO).

You probably guessed that already. And you are probably wondering what this all has to do with Profile Perving.

So many Second Life residents have references to their military service in their profiles. In profiles you will find statements like 'I just returned from the Sandbox'. The Sandbox refers to Iraq or Afghanistan.

These individuals have given their time and risked their lives in a cause that some scoff at and some ridicule. But still they go and they serve with honor. They are our best and brightest.

They should be honored by all of us. No matter what your feelings about any war might be; PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to thank them for their service.

One of our Red River Girls, Crystina McMahon, is one of these wonderful people.

Thank you for letting me up on the soap box today.


PS.....Tomorrow Chapter 4 of Nights Dance To Day

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