Saturday, January 22, 2011

Public Announcement Day!! WTH!!

I was cruising around SL yesterday and came across a copy of HeartBeat Magazine. It is quite well written and covers some interesting material. I spent some time reading it and found sections on Viewer 2 Use, Clubbing in SL, Fashion, Interviews with SL singers and dancers, Home Decorating, Shopping and a very interesting article about Autism and The University of Derby's Exhibit on the subject. A copy can be picked up at:


I am cleaning out my folder so we can get a fresh start next week.

True Love says:  You'll never need anything, I'll be there.
A friend's love says:  If you need anything, I'll be there.
SL Love says:  If you need anything, as long as its Copy/ Transfer, I'll send it.

Yes Kiddies,,a Second Life Philosophy that we see everyday. They probably should throw in Modify with SL Love. I could see it now,,'Come on Baby,,we need the L's,,Dancing naked is not so bad'.

Why rush to be someone's first love.... being their last is way more satisfying.

This quote is on solid ground, Ever notice SL Avatars with 100 days Inworld and already partnered. Shit, they have not even figured out the lay of the land. Oh Wait!! They did figure out how to be LAID on the land.

Marriage is like a deck of cards.  In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond,
By the end, you'll wish you had a fucking club and a spade.

I love this one. Any quote that carries even a quark size amount of truth is a quote I love. (Cally just had an orgasm,,I used the word Quark,,probably didn't spell it right, LOL!)

Logic brings you from A to B ..imagination brings you everywhere_~~A.E.

A quote for those who love to use those lovely brains. Dr Cally will dissect this one and write a 100 page report for me later today.       

BTW,,I am not picking on Cally. I totally admire her accomplishments. And admiration from,,especially of I am not sleeping with you,,is praise indeed.

Tomorrow Chapter 5 of Nights Dance to Day.


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