Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cry For Help!!

Finding your way into any Social Networking situation(yes kiddies SL is a social network) can be a wonderful experience. But think about why you came into Second Life in the first place. I am sure there are many reasons people enter SL. Of course, curiosity is probably near the top of the list. While curiosity got many of us in here;;;Why Did We Stay?

I believe(remember I am always right) that we stay in Second Life because something is missing in our Real Lives. Friendship, love, companionship, conversation, a meaningful existence or any of the thousands of things that a person can crave in their Real Lives.

Many are here because they have been so damaged by Real Life; that functioning in a face to face situation, with flesh and blood beings, has become a struggle.

I see so many of these types of quotes in profiles. They are a call for help! They are written by people that have reached their breaking point in as far as interactions with others is concerned.

i'm broken, please if you're just out to fuck with someones emotions please please pick someone else,,i can't take much more,,i'm reaching the end of my line and like a bird with a broken wing i flap with my heart pounding and my blood rushing and get no where,,i cry to much lately,,i need to much lately,,and i'm honest and upfront about this,,if you cannot handle this then please find someone else so i don't get a glimpse of happiness to have it ripped from me again because i'm broken,,

I read this and I just wanted to pick her up and carry her off to a nice quiet safe place and hold her while she cried. Yeah,,I know,,I am a softee.

But please read this and try and apply it to your own lives. We have all had these moments. These turning points. And when you felt this way how did you react? Were you the broken bird? Did you hide your head in the sand?

The tragedy in her statement is not the situation she finds herself in; but whether she will follow a path out of her mess or just wallow in it. Life is a series of ups and downs. Of goods and bads. Of happiness and sadness. What makes us human is our ability to deal with the crap, throw it aside, and live our lives the best we can. Grab every moment of happiness you can and store it in your memories. Then bring it out to help you navigate through all the shit that floats between the islands of happiness.

I have read this next quote many times. Someone help me figure it out please. There will be a test on this one tomorrow.

Upon Doing unto Others as They Would So Treacherously Delight  to Do unto You
Besides being accused of murder this would keep you awfully busy.

~~J.P. Donleavy

PS....Damn I need coffee!!!

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