Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Bump!! What The Hell Is That About!!

No quotes today. Just me observing and ranting.

I hear talk about Prim Babies in Second Life. While this route is not for me I can see how people might give it a try. You know, 'The Full Experience of Second Life'. 

I have SL friends that have done this and they are happy well adjusted earthlings. I believe it is just one more way for an SL relationship to play out and it is another way of showing commitment in a place where real commitment is fleeting at best. No, I have no issue with Prim Babies.

My issue is with Real Life reporting of every freaking Baby Bump, on every freaking celebrity, in the known universe.  First of all. Who The Hell first coined the phrase 'Baby Bump'. There seems to be an entire industry of photographers searching for pregnant celebrities to snap in a bikini.  There is not a week that goes by, that some celeb or celeb want to be, is not reported to be sporting a 'Baby Bump'.

Now this term is forever emblazoned into the English language. Every freaking time I drive over a speed bump at the mall my mind thinks; 'Damn F$$king Baby Bump Bullshit'. I actually believe that some of these shallow, on the fringe celebs, get pregnant and as soon as the 'Baby Bump' starts to show; they don a bikini and run to the beach where someone can snap their photo.

Oh God!! If I ever see a photo of that B List Bullshit celeb, Kathy Griffin, in a bikini with a 'Baby Bump'; I will go of the f$$king deep end and take to living in a box.

And where was the report of the 'Baby Bump' on Elton John or his partner? My God, at least he is a real celebrity.  Oh! Would  that have been fun to report! About now some reporter is kicking himself in his worthless ass over not thinking about this angle. Look at a photo of Sir Elton, I see a 'Baby Bump'. Don't you?

What has happened to the talk of that beautiful GLOW a woman has when she is pregnant. That smile she projects. The warmth she feels in her heart.

Let me tell where it has gone. It has been eaten up and discarded, like so much waste, by a group of reporters(I refuse to use the term Journalist for these cretins), who need to find a way to sensationalize every thing. Do not even get me started on the misuse and miss direction given to the word 'Massacre' by our so called intelligent reporters.

As you read this and say, "OMG she has completely lost it"; please refer back to yesterdays blog page. It explains it all.


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