Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow In The Carolinas~~~Or How White Christmas Is A Day Late!!

I choose today's Profile Perve saying a couple of days ago and committed to commenting on it today. But as fate or Divine intervention would have it; I was handed a situation today that illustrates the point very well.

We are not surrounded by idiots. We are in a target rich environment
- source unknown -

And the gift that fate handed me today is:


In this situation; the idiots of who I speak are Carolinians who see snow and say "OOOOO Lets go driving!!"

I ventured over the causeway this morning to go eat pancakes and sausage at one of those all you can eat church breakfasts. Now anyone who knows me cane attest to the fact that I can not pass up a pancake in any form. And if you throw in some good old Southern sausage and make it all you can eat,,,I AM THERE!!

I sat down near a window, that looked out over a four lane road. Not a major highway but one of those business roads that always seem busy. When I sat down, with my plate over flowing with Gods gift to the Southern pallet, I did not realize that my free breakfast came with a floor show.

What I witnessed was a mixture of NASCAR, Ice Capades and Miss Daisy driving herself. No less than nine, that's 9, negen, nueve, nove, neun, neuf,,,cars skid into a ditch and got stuck in the snow.  Now you say,,'Well it was snowing and it might have been slippery",,and I would agree with you.

But this was a situation of monkey see monkey do. The first car was going to fast for the conditions and slid into the ditch. Cars 2 - 9, looked at that car,,increased their speed(because as we all know increasing your speed will get you over the ice quicker) and proceeded to spin around and each in turn slid into the ditch.

I can just imagine the look on these drivers faces as the world started to spin and all the could think of was WTF.

Now go back up and reread the Profile Perve for today. God must love me to load up my guns with all this ammunition, lol.

See you around the grid,,


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