Monday, December 27, 2010

I Was Sitting On A Bench One Day!!

I have a place in Second Life that I go to when I feel a little down or need to think. Sometimes I go there to remember. It is named Colette's Deepness in the Sky. It is a small park in the Tecta Sim. I have always found it relaxing. Drop by some time if you need some alone time.

I was having a very bad time in both Real Life and Second Life, all at the same time. I was ready to give up on SL and just disappear.

One day I was sitting on a bench at Colette's and thinking. A girl teleported into the park and was wandering around. When she came past me we started to talk. She sat down and we talked for almost 2 hours. Her name was Leny,,she was from Germany. We are still friends some 2 years later even though we see little of each other.

Our conversation was about relationships; both real and virtual. Leny was in an SL relationship and was happy.  It is funny how two women, thousands of miles apart and separated by different languages, could have so much to say to each other. When we parted I felt renewed. It seemed that I knew where I wanted to go but I just needed someone to help me read the map. Leny was my navigator.

The point I am trying to make here is that each day, in Second Life, we are presented with the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and learn so much. Never just blow someone off out of hand. A little conversation may produce useful fruit. 

My friends in SL run the gamut of every kind of person one can possibly meet. My partner is as different from me as anyone can get. But their value to the quality of my SL life spills out into my RL everyday.

Thank you to all the Leny's out there that take the time to sit for awhile on a park bench and talk.

Today's Profile Perve:

 The truth may set you free but first its going to piss you off- Gloria Steinem

How true that is!!!


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