Tuesday, December 21, 2010


THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT!! I used a French word in the title. Will I go to hell now? Or worse, to lunch with a girl with hairy legs and armpits? I am rethinking  this whole thing. BRB!! I need to look outside to see if I was transported to Paris.


WHEW!! Nope I am still at home.  OK! Lets get started and no I am only drinking coffee.

DJ Annie Lane has several rules in her profile. I want to zero in on just one.

 I'm not going to cyber you within 5 minutes of the first hello.  There are plenty of 'girls' who will do that for you.  Most of them get 5 o'clock shadow, too.

For those First Lifers that have not experienced a Second Life; Annie is talking about men who use female avatars. It is more common than you might think. Many reasons can be attached to this phenomenon. The need to see how the other half lives, believing they ARE a woman, trying to get female friends they can sleep with(probably reason #1 for new avatars), someone who is brow beaten by their wife or mother in RL, a small penis, low self esteem as a man,,and the list goes on.

The point here is that no matter how much women hate this situation; this is Second Life, and I believe that people should be whatever they want to be in Second Life. Just like in any other existence; this all sorts itself out with time.

I have come to love the diversity of beings in SL. When we work on Relay For Life; every form of being takes part. Men, Women, Furries, Nekos, Goths, Goreans, Vampires, Robots, Child Avatars, Cross Dressing Avatars and Animals of all sorts. These beings interact on a daily basis without problems. TAKE THAT REAL WORLD!!

A final word:

ღ The person that is worth your tears ...
           is the one that will never make you cry! ღ


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