Monday, December 20, 2010

One Women's Prospective!! And It's Right On!!!

Men in Sl come in so many forms; macho, cross dressers, whimpy, the I AM ALL THAT GUYS and of course 'Wanna F$$K' Guys. I am sure there are many more forms. One day a guy is one thing and the next he can re-invent himself as something else. Like a really good looking femal avatar.

Now I am not saying that the women in SL do not have many forms too. OMG!! In many ways they are worse than the men.

Don't worry this is going some where, lol.

I was perving my friend Annie's Profile yesterday and found that it is a treasure trove of really good stuff. Because we are building up to Annie's Big Show, on Wednesday night, I thought that this was a very good time to introduce you to DJ Annie Lane.

Her profile contains the following evaluation of SL men:

I love the guys on SL.  They're almost all tall and muscular with hair that blows in the wind even on a still day...
But let's have a reality check.  It's easy to make an avatar pretty.  Stop being so full of yourselves.  Just because a female talks to you, doesn't mean she wants to ZOMG! have your prim babies.  Especially not me.  Especially not an hour after we've met.  A female can actually want to be your friend without pining for you, being jealous of other avatars with boobs, or thinking you are the soul mate that she's waited her whole life for.
Your avatar may be a knockout, but are YOU worth another conversation?

Yeppers!! That hits the old nail squarely on the head.

Stay tuned for more on DJ Annie's Holiday Orgy!!!


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