Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Odd Things I Found Yesterday!!

I was perving around SL yesterday and came across some fun stuff in a males profile. Usually all the good stuff is found in women's profiles. So I jumped on this right away.

~I didn't slap you I just highfived your face~

I have always wondered if there a way to slap someone and claim it was an accident. Well here it is, lol. How easily this could be accomplished. Especially when it was a male of our species  that was slapped. Throw in a nice smile and a few flicks of your eye lashes and BAM,,job well done.

Flying requires you throwing yourself at the ground and missing Things

I have often seen people falling from the sky and missing everything,,well except the ground. Truth be told, I have done it many times myself. On purpose as a joke and well by accident as a NOOB. SL affords you the opportunity to jump off tall buildings and live to talk about it. Sky diving without a parachute is kind of fun too.

Ok!! You all know I have some point I am trying to make. Hey!! That's why I get the big bucks right,,lol.

The point is that many things are not what they seem. Especially in Second Life. High Fives that end in slaps, falling long distances and walking away, Building things out of virtual thin air, men who are women or the other was round and Avatars that are fronts for humans to hide behind are all examples of things that may not be what they seem.

HMMM!! Cally see yesterdays blog. This all sound familiar, lol.

Life is not to be taken at face value. Look behind the event or person and decide what is real of fake.

I know I promised you something lighter today.

A conversation between my friend Annie Lane and myself last night. We were talking about New Years Eve.

Annie Lane: we've been invited by Viz and his partner, but i've been in a funk and don't know if i feel like going out
Night Nicholls: go out and socialize
Night Nicholls: get drunk
Night Nicholls: have wild sex
Night Nicholls: and bang in the new year right

Annie Lane: yeah.... ya lost me at go out and socialize
Annie Lane: i can't get my new equipment to work right.  will have to pick Viz's brain tomorrow
Night Nicholls: wash it well and let it air dry,,then use a body spray
Annie Lane just rolls her eyes and kisses your nose

Yeppers things are never what they seem.


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