Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas At Our House!!

Christmas is a joyful time of year. I am sure it is for most people and for many different reasons. I always find the need to reflect on Christmas past because it is our memories, that keep those that can not be with us, alive on this day.

Christmas at our house was a regimented affair with traditions pulled from Italian, Irish and Ukrainian cultures. Regimented because we were a military family.

We would get out of bed to the smell of coffee for Mom and Dad and hot chocolate for the kids. Sitting at the kitchen table drinking hot chocolate was torture; with the tree, just yards away, surrounded by boxes, bags and stockings.

After a little while, with three children fidgeting around and about to burst, we were sent into the living room to wait for Dad to come and open gifts. Our stockings were what kept us occupied,,,filled with all sorts of goodies.

Dad would change into his 'Gay Apparel', lol. a pair of red and green plaid pants that only came out on Christmas morning. He always had a Mimosa(champagne and orange juice). It is tradition that the youngest child pass out the gifts. Once each of us were surrounded by shiny and brightly colored wrapped gifts; we were allowed to open them.

It was such a fun time. Like a Norman Rockwell painting. All the pain and despair of the years events just melt away.

Well Mom and Dad are gone now but the traditions did not stop with there passing. We still gather at the kitchen table for coffee before going to the tree. We still look in our stockings first. Then the one thing that always brings a tear to our eyes happens. Those pants!! The Gay Apparel!! Walk into the room!! The same pants Dad wore! But now worn by my brother. Yes a tear is always passed between the three of us when he comes in; carrying a Mimosa.

This one act brings all our memories and all our family, no matter where they are, into the room with us. Yes a tear passes between us but a smile travels with it. The youngest still passes out the gifts and we still act like kids when opening them.

Memories are your life line to all you have loved. Never hide them. Make them a part of the day. Share Christmas with every relative and friend you have; whether there with you, or off in another country or in a better place.

 Merry Christmas to all my friends in Second Life. Especially my Red River Family. Especially Especially Especially to my Thinkie who makes me smile everyday.

When that 'Gay Apparel' comes in the room tomorrow;;my memories of all of you will mingle with those of  my family.

Love you all!!
Merry Christmas

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