Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Penis~~The Human GPS?

Evolution is an amazing process. Over time we evolve skills that make our lives easier. It is believed that men have better navigational skills than women. A theory that is put to the test with every cross country car trip men and women take together.

A new study by Dr. Layne Vashro believes that men developed superior navigational skills so they could travel farther distances in search of mates to father offspring.

"Navigational ability facilitates traveling longer distances and exploring new environments. And the farther you travel, the more likely you are to encounter new mating opportunities,” Dr. Layne Vashro, a postdoctoral researcher in anthropology at the University of Utah and the first author of the study, said in a written statement.

I hate to disagree with Dr. Vashro as most men can't find a hole in the ground with two hands and a woman giving them directions; let alone a mate hundreds of miles away.

His theory may have been true several hundred years ago or may be found in primitive tribes who are isolated from the modern world but modern man has long ago lost his internal GPS. For the most part we would never get anywhere if we did not have a woman as our copilot.

What modern man does possess is an innate ability to find a bar or club. Once found modern man will sit and wait for a woman so sail into his sight before stumbling like a fool to make contact with her.

Truth be told, modern women are the one with the superior navigational skills. They employ these superior kills to maneuver around schools of  hungry and mostly inept men while throwing back the minnows and keeping only the worthwhile catch.

I know I sound like I am bashing my own gender but all women know this stuff.

It may be time that men start asking for directions and stop making believe they know where they are going,


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