Friday, November 14, 2014

Sometimes This Blog Writes Itself

"The Christmas stockings were hung by the chimney with delight".  The town of Kenova, West Virginia have taken that to heart.

I have always understood that we hang our Christmas decorations. But in Kenova they are HUNG.

The Hung Decorations Of Kenova 

This gives a whole new meaning to asking "Hows it hanging?" 

My concern is that the decorations were subjected to premature erection so early in the holiday season.

Sources. close to the crew that hung the decorations, state that originally the decorations had a downward angle but that one of their crew accidentally dropped his bottle of Viagra into the electrical grid and changed the direction of the erection. 

In a stroke of good luck the erection of these decorations have caused an increase of tourist traffic. The increased stimulation  of the communities money sack will allow the purchase of new decorations next holiday season.

The mayor stated that, "We will have to see these decorations through to the end of the season. Hopefully there will be a happy ending".


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