Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Sock Monkey Monologues

Monologues are just not for vagina's anymore. Felix the Sock Monkey has begun a running dialogue about his adventures. He, along with his girl friend Babbette, has joined a soccer team, 'The Monkey Balls'.

It's a unisex team. As Felix always says "Unisex is better than no sex at all". The upside to this is that Felix and Babbette are having loads of fun. The downside is I have to drive them to practice and games. It's a huge responsibility.

They are quite good players. Don't tell Felix this but Babbette is a much better player. She is kicking his balls all over the field, lol.

They do look cute in their uniforms.
Their next game is against a team made up of stuffed zebras. I do not think it's fair as the zebras claim that they have four feet which makes it sock monkeys 22 feet and zebras 44 feet. I have filed a protest to force the zebras to only play with their hind legs.
Felix and Babbette are showing no fear in the light of their numerical limb deficiency.
They are quoted as saying, " Look Rain, I can play with no hands".

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