Friday, February 28, 2014

Men Will Take The Fifth In A Heart Beat

Women love to get men to talk about every subject imaginable. It's how they size us up as prospective mates. The problem is that man do not remember what they said early in a relationship because when we see a woman that interests us, for the first time, it is our little head that is taking inventory.  It's not until much later that we start to see the potential in a relationship.

The little head is only into instant gratification and controls the big head. Especially when we are in our twenties, With age comes wisdom that allows the big head to take control.

My point is that anything we said 6 months ago, when we first met, is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days, lol.

Women can not hold us responsible for what our little head has espoused. It has one thing on its mind and it isn't a long term relationship. More like 'slam, bam, thank you mamm'.

Of course at my age the little head is basically incapable of independent thought so inter gender discussions can be on a higher level. Its ability to continue the activities of its youth have gone by way of the dinosaurs.

Another point; when on a double date men are generally not taking about their dates when the girls saunter off to the bathroom for a communal pee.

This is basically what men talk about at these moments.

Throw in some sports talk and pretty much you have our conversation nailed.

The case I am trying to make here is that older men, whose brains has matured and gotten stronger, may be a better choice as prospective mates than younger men who have yet to conquer the power of the little head.

Of course many men never grow up.


Put out a slip-n-slide and some bikini clad beauties and we become kids again!!


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