Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Dirt Road,Chapter 8~~A Short Story By Randy Mantovani




Almost two years to the day since I came to Ferry Road and it was moving day for me. I am not leaving Ferry Road because I want to but because I have no choice. The land has been sold and the trailer I rent is being torn down.

John Duffy has been busy all day helping me move my stuff to storage and Margaret Duffy is preparing what is being called My Last Supper.

I will miss this place. The dust, my constant companion, will be a fond memory when I move back into suburbia. My sadness of leaving this place is very much like when I first left my families home to start a life of my own. These past two years had made Ferry Road my family.

Dinner was a loud affair with everyone talking at once. It was a typical Margaret Duffy meal with everything I had ever told her I like to eat laid out before me. All through the meal neighbors arrived with covered dishes for me to take to my new home. I was getting the feeling that they thought I was never going to eat again if they did not provide me with food.

After dinner John Duffy and I walked down to the Farmers Club for a beer. There was a profound sense of sadness on both our parts. We sat in silence for a long time trying to find the words to say goodbye. I was only moving twenty miles away but for John twenty miles might as well been twenty thousand. Of course we would see each other again but never again on a daily basis.

We drank to much with well wishers putting beers on our table at a constant and quick clip. The walk home was more of a stagger than a walk.

Early the next morning I was putting the last few of my possessions in my car when a small crowd started to form near me. John and Margaret Duffy, Alex and Cheyenne Cummings with Alice, Carol Duffy and Anne Duffy, who was holding my dogs as they would not be coming with me, stood staring at me. Tears in the girls eyes.

After a round of hugs and a promise to spend the Thanksgiving with them I climbed into my car and started to drive away.

Through my teary eyes I could barely see the Duffy family through the dust as I drove off.

That dust! That glorious dust!


PS... The previous 7 chapters can be found in the blogs archives.

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