Friday, October 4, 2013

What An Ass!!!

"I want women to be liberated and still have a nice ass and shake it", Shirley Maclaine.

It has been the desire of men for thousands of years. Painters have immortalized it on canvas. Photographers obsess over it. Wars have been fought over it( I am sure that the Trojan war was fought over the beauty of Helen's ass). Men watch it move seductively across a room causing fantasies that carry them to new heights.


The female ass is a thing of beauty that incites male desires. Watching a woman walk across a room, hips swaying and beautiful cheeks dropping and rising in perfect harmony like a well oiled machine, makes me quiver with delight.

Down through the ages men have changed in what they see as the perfect women's ass. Paintings depict round plump things of beauty and desire. Modern times have seen the rise of men desirous of tight little behinds that seem to sing when they are put in motion.

Personally I love them all. When women say to me, "Your an ass man", I take that as a statement of my obsession with the female ass and not their opinion of me personally, lol.

When a woman walks her ass beckons men to follow. It's the first thing I notice. The female gait was designed to attract men and entrap them.

Look closely at a women's bottom. The curves and smoothness of it. The touchability. But do not touch without permission as you will quickly become the ass.

Whether God or evolution, the female ass is one instance when nature has outdone itself.

So what do women think of all this?

"Men look at women's behinds and go: what an ass! Women look at men's faces and go: what an ass!", Unknown.

That about sums it up.

Heads up; if I am walking behind you in Second Life it's your ass I am following. Where ever you are going.

The female ass; "Like a Rose given as a gift to man", Me.


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