Sunday, September 30, 2012

On A Clear Day You Can See The Monotheism

A Jew, a Muslim and a Christian walk into a lecture on Monotheism; what do they have to argue about?

An interesting question when put in the context of a belief in one God. So why do they hate each other? Why does each want to one up the other? Why do they all do evil in the name of God?

When we talk about Judaism, Islam and Christianity we are speaking about religions that believe in not only one God but the same God. There differences are not in the belief of God but in the way each interprets the words of their Prophets as to how Gods worship should be conducted. I get that this is a simple explanation. I want it to be simple. Simple is good and complicated is what has brought us to take a beautiful experience, the worship of God, to a point that three armed camps are killing each other over the 'how' that worship should be accomplished.

The 'Waring Religions', my term for Judaism, Islam and Christianity, are pathetic in their attempt to do the two things all religions should teach their subscribers and that is the teaching of Tolerance for others beliefs and Love of their fellow man. Why is that so hard?

Do you see a pattern here? The pattern is that I ask more questions than offer up solutions. In my mind the solution is quite simple and one that I did myself. One that brought me peace and reconciled my belief in one God for all beings. But you are not going to like it! You are going to yell at me, condemn me, put out fatwas against me, excommunicate me, shun me and call me a mad man but it worked for me.

Here goes! Looks over my shoulder and prepares to be attacked.


Eliminate the Prophets and the Books and what do we have left? GOD! GOD! GOD!

I told you it was simple.

Put aside the madness of thousands of years of religious zeal and put all that effort and all that energy into GOD.

Do you really need a label on your beliefs? Do you really need someone, anyone telling you how best to worship God? Do you really need someone who claims to speak for God to preach to you about your life in Gods worship?

Can we not all speak to God ourselves? I do every day. Do I get an answer when I speak with Him?


I talk, He listens and somehow we work out what ever needs working out. It seems so simple to me.

The unfortunate thing about religion, no matter what sect you subscribe to, is that humans are involved. We can take something so wonderful and screw it up in a heartbeat.

The real sickness in the human spirit is our misguided ability to bastardize our own beliefs into something we can not live with and then, after destroying our own beliefs, we blame that destruction on someone else because we disagree with the day of the week they choose to worship or how they profess their love for the same God we love.

I would urge everyone to leave the 'Waring Religions' and toss off the labels placed on you by them and come to God of your own accord.

One On One~~God Rocks!!


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