Monday, April 9, 2012

Home From The Hospital

I have not written here since March 27, 2012 as my illness took a turn for the worse about that time. I will readily admit that I have spent some scary and apprehensive hours over my most recent days but at least I found myself in good hands and finally they have a handle on what is wrong with me.

Congestive Heart Failure!! That is my diagnosis. All caused by my blood pressure that decided to take on a life of its own and put my own life in danger.  I had not realized how seriously I was ill until this most recent hospital stay.

What I noticed was that my legs had begun to swell and that it seemed that I was not getting enough oxygen. I could not walk more than 50 feet without being out of breath and needing to rest. My lungs were full of all sorts of bizarre things. I could not sleep. I could not think or focus.

What I was not seeing, but was feeling, was the swelling around my heart. To quote my Doctor, "if this was 1912 and not 2012 you may well have died". Quite an eye opener.

I was given medications to reduce the swelling and several to get my blood pressure under control. Everything seems to be working well as I feel a million percent better. Not quite normal but getting there a little each day.

I drove myself to Southeastern Regional Medical Center, in Lumberton, NC, and was barely able to walk into the emergency room. The 75 yards from the parking lot to the entrance may well have been a 1000 miles. But once inside I was taken care of as if I was in my mothers arms. I am very grateful for all they did for me.

So anyway I am slowly returning to normal and I will begin to write again everyday. I will be back to insulting people before you know it, lol. Well maybe this experience will temper my insults.

 I doubt it but maybe.


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