Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally A Trial

George Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder. Now Trayvon Martin will get the justice everyone seems to be craving. But justice is a two way street and now that a trial is in the making we will see which one of these two individuals justice touches.

The jump to conclusion media and its usual cast of suspects have tried and convicted Mr Zimmerman in the realm of public opinion. Seems a familiar story and especially brings Casey Anthony to mind.

What facts do we really know about this case?

1. Trayvon Martin is dead.

2. George Zimmerman is charged with his death.

That's really pretty much it. But there are other things that we know.

1. A rush to judgement was and is in full force.

2. The race card was played by the likes of Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton but this time they can not find anyone to place the card on as Mr Zimmerman is half Hispanic.

3. Mr Zimmerman will finally have his day in court but his life, no matter what the verdict, is forever changed.

4. Trayvon Martin's family is about to have their nightmare expanded and no family secret, if there are any, will be sacred.

5. The news media will be gaga over all this and will draw their own conclusions. They will fan the flames of hatred and confusion in the name of readership or viewership.

6. In the end there will be a verdict and we will all be split over its validity because our heads will be full of the media's coverage and opinions.

Remember that we have a justice system in place that we need to let do its job. If Mr Zimmerman is found guilty so be it and let him suffer the consequences.

If he is found innocent lets all put this behind us and move on. Life is way to short to drag something out for a lifetime.


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