Monday, February 20, 2012

What Are You Willing To Do To Ensure Your Childrens Success?

What Are You Willing To Do To Ensure Your Childrens Success?

A very good question that every parent and parent want to be needs to ask themselves. The answer for me has always been easy. I would and have done anything necessary to teach them to be self sufficient and responsible. To give them what ever they need to succeed in life.

But when I read these stories about parents who do nothing for their children beyond dropping them into the world it sickens me. We are in a constant argument about when life begins so we can try and solve our abortion issues but we never seem to want to discuss when our childrens 'independent lives' start.

What is worse many people want to have children and care little about the futures that face those children. Weak parental responsibility has been the foundation for several generations of weak citizens. This coupled with the governments willingness to continue fostering dependence rather than teach independence and responsibility may be the fodder that brings down this great country.

Primo Carnera was a boxer who once held the Worlds Heavy Weight Title. He was also the only person to also hold the World Wrestling Title. But it is not his athletic career that I want to talk about. I want to talk about Primo Carnera the man, the husband and the father.

Primo was raised poor during WWI. In his words "I was always hungry". Hunger is a motivator for many people.

He was not an educated man but he understood what was important in life. He understood, as my parents understand, that each generation of a family should strive to do better than the last generation. He knew that it was the responsibility of his generation to lay the ground work for the sucess of his decendents.

No Primo Carnera was not an educated man but he held wisdom beyond education. He knew how life should work and his place in the sceme of that life.

I have taken so many blows in my life. So many.. But I'd do it again. Because all the blows I got helped my kids to study.~~Primo Carnera

Primo took what God had given him, size and desire to succeed, and parlayed that into a future for his family. It was not an easy road. Stepping into the ring with men intent on destroying him, bout after bout, he forged his families future with every punch he took.

He made sure that the sacrifices he made, and I am sure shortened his life, counted toward a better future for his children.

It worked!! He has two children that he can look down at and see the results of his sacrifice. His son Umberto is a physician and his daughter Giovanna is a psycholgist.

It would not have made a difference if Primo was a world class boxer or a person who boxed groceries because his desire, his understanding of parental responsibility and his outlook on life would have driven him to do what ever it takes to give his children a chance.

There are millions of parents like Primo Carnera struggling with providing for their children and they will succeed. It is all worth it.

It is infortunate that some parents are not willing to help their own children succeed. I am not a proponent of the 'It takes a village' train of thought but in this case, in any case, where children's futures are involved that village needs to step up.


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