Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Have Been Sick~~And It Was Not Fun!!

I have been away from the blog for 3 or 4 days because I have been ill. I wonder if anyone noticed, lol? Probably that guy in Siberia who reads this blog religiously noticed but I have not heard from him lately. My number reader is probably frozen to a pole some where. Damn!!

A few weeks ago  I noticed that I was having problems breathing especially in cold weather. Last week I noticed my left ankle and leg starting to swell. I never think much about it swelling because there is a plate and screws in it from a soccer injury. But when my right started to swell the next day I did get concerned. I headed for the doctors and the start of a very long week.

My breathing had gotten to the point that I could not take a deep breath and in cold weather I was having panic attacks because I could not breath at all. I was diagnosed with a sever case of Bronchitis with further tests pending. Put simply; I was not getting enough oxygen which made me feel weak and helpless. Not a good feeling when you live alone and have to do everything for yourself.

I could not walk more than 30 feet without being so out of breath that it triggered a panic attack. There were a couple of times I actually thought it was my time. I am sure, in my mind, I was blowing this all out of proportion but anyone who has had an attack like this understands.

The doctors started me on a antibiotic and a drug called Mucinex. In about 3 days I was breathing at about 60% capacity and feeling much better. Still very weak and not able to eat very much.

It seems that Mucinex has a few side affects which, of course, I was lucky enough to experience, lol. I actually got a glimpse of what it must be like for a person on 'chemo'. With vomiting and diarrhea being handed me freely I spent more time in the bathroom than any where else in my house. It is a horrible feeling having your body out of control. Yes out of control but even worse my body was in charge and it had no idea what I liked.

When I saw that doctor yesterday there was one question left unresolved. Why are my ankles swelling? I saw no connection to the bronchitis.

I have had, what could be called, a mild case of Congestive Heart Failure(CHF) for many years. It has been kept under control with diet and exercise. Not that I had become a 'health nut' but I knew when I could and could not do some thing because it was risky.

It seems that my bronchitis had pushed my bodies ability to heal itself to the brink and my CHF kicked in big time. Hence the ankle and leg swelling. So I guess there was a connection.

In the past 48 hours I have noticed a marked improvement in all areas. The swelling is almost gone and my breathing has improved. I am not supposed to go out in the cold air for awhile. Funny that we are experiencing the coldest weather of the year at the moment.

The net result is that, yet again, I face more changes in how I live my life. New rules for nutrition and exercise are headed my way. I was told to stop drinking but I beat the doctors to that because, thanks to Christine, I had quite drinking over 3 months ago. One slip there but it was Christmas so I get a mulligan, lol.

I should live a good long life. which is good as  just received, yet another, rejection on my book. An even dozen now I think. So I am headed back to the drawing board with a fist full of editor suggestions. God has given me the time and I will not waste it.

So that is my health update. I will be back to insulting politicians and others tomorrow. The Iowa Cacasus' are today and I am sure I will have a lot of fodder to help me.

One last question remains. What will my beloved lasagna taste like made with 'whole grain pasta'? Please God do not mess with my lasagna.

Love ya,

PS....I am sorry Christine that I did not tell you about the CHF last night. Between your moving and my illness you have enough on your plate.

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