Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lets Talk 'Bromance'!!!

BROMANCE: 'The intense love shared between heterosexual males. A form of male bonding and usually invisible to the naked eye. This bond is normally only shared between two males that have a deeper understanding of each other, in a way no woman could ever realise.'


I understand the concept. Every person, female or male, has a period in their lives where they feel closer to there male friends than their female ones. The 'Little Rascals Shows' , that date from 1922 through 1944, are a perfect example of this concept. They had 'The He-Man Women Haters Club', a male only club that was constantly being assaulted by the Our Gang Girls.

                                       I know I am showing my age,lol.

There is a closeness between women that requires no special word. They can  share their feelings about anything, shop together, go out for a meal, see a movie, go to the bathroom in pairs, spend long hours together and no one thinks anything about.

If two men spend 4 or 5 hours together there better be a football game on, or they better be in a bar drinking and chasing woman or there better be hunting of some kind involved. Anything else and men have their sexuality questioned

But there is a bond that exists between men that is just as strong as those formed by women. We just do not talk about them or take them into the public eye. I have always believed that women are much more secure and mature about their sexuality than men will ever be.

So we invent words to cover our insecurities about the non sexual love we share with other men. I am not shy about saying that there are men I have loved in my life. Long term relationships, gender aside, will produce genuine affection between humans. There is no getting around that fact.

I wish we were all able to show that affection publicly. Most men go to their graves never knowing that another male, in their lives, held them in such close regard. The male stubbornness to having their sexuality questioned is quite sad indeed when we are blocked from telling another person that we hold love for them.

So maybe using the word 'Bromance' is a step forward in male evolution. Lets hope so!


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