Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Carolina~~The Jewel Of The South~~And The Home Of Me~~YEAH ME!!

South Carolina is a beautifil place to live. We have it all here; beautifil beaches, green mountains, lakes, rivers, piedmont and  large and small cities. It is both rural and urban but what is so great is that finding the beloved Old South Carolina is every where and moving from an urban area to a rural one is just a short trip.

OK! So where are we?

Located in the southeastern United States gives us access to every thing any other state has but we do things in a slower more civilized way.
South Carolinians are a special breed of people. Never afraid of saying what they think. You will always know where we stand on any issue.

Or rag tag militia stood up to Cormwalis and his well trained army; holding him in the south while General Washington grew stronger in our fight for freedom. We led the way, and some say not a good thing to do,  in the US Civil War( we call it The War Of Nothern Aggression). You always know where we stand and when it comes to the rights of our people South Carolinians are always out front in the quest to preserve thoes rights.

YES!! I am proud to be from South Carolina.

For you my South Carolina in pictures,,,

Come visit us. We will welcome you with open arms, great food and one of the most beautiful and versitile places on earth.

You never know~~You may even see me wandering around Pawleys Island.

Love Y'all,

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