Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Flag Flys At Half Mast! The Last WWI US Veteran Passes!

Thank you for your service just does not seem enough to say to any veteran but especially to Frank Woodruff Buckles. Mr Buckles passed away this past week. He was the last WWI Veteran from the United States forces who servrd during WWI.

"When you think you are going to die, just don't"~~ Frank Woodruff Buckles

Simple words~~Common sense~~The words of an American hero.

The following comes from the Veterans Administration website:

"Frank Woodruff Buckles, who lied about his age to enlist in the Army in 1917 and became the last known U.S. veteran of World War I, died February 27 at the age of 110. Burial was with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. A long-time resident of Charles Town, West Virginia, where he had a farm, Mr. Buckles was born in Bethany, Missouri. He enlisted shortly after his 16th birthday and served in France and Germany."

An even more amazing thing about Mr Buckles was that not only did he serve in WWI but he served in WWII as a United States Army ambulance driver in the Philippines were he was imprisoned as a POW for 39 months. After WWII he returned to live out the rest of his life farming in West Virginia.

From the website dedicated to his memory(

"His life is a true story of American commitment and heroism, inspiring many to ask how they can help. Frank's family is deeply appreciative of these offers and attention, but continues to stress it is not so much about Frank, but all he represents."

There is a story about Mr Buckles POW internment. He ate out of the same metal cup for 39 months and still has that cup. I have seen it at the website, They are going to make a movie about Mr Buckles and I will be first in line to see it when it comes out.

My father served in the US Military for nearly 30 years and I grew up an Army brat. I have profound respect for those who serve. Those who are willing to do what it takes to keep us safe.

So now there are two remaining WWI veterans.

Claude Stanley Choules, 110 years old and living in Perth, Australia. He served in The Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. He served in WWI and WWII. He is the last surviving person to see the German Naval surrender during WWI.

Florence Beatrice Green , 110 years old and living in King's Lynn Norfolk, England. She served in the Royal Air Force/Women's Royal Air Force.

A different breed of human grew up between WWI and WWII. Men and women that put country first and who knew what was the correct thing to do. They got up from there happy lives and stepped into the guns of history because it was simply the right thing to do.

We still have men and women like this serving and doing the right things. I fear that we will never have the likes of Frank, Claude and Florence again.

I hope to God I am wrong because we live in a world that is in desperate need of such people.

Love ya,

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